January 26th, 2023

Children saying thank you for your support towards Kashitu Secondary school and Prosperous New Year 2023 to all Czech People especially those rendering great service to raise funds for the Construction Project of Special School.



January 23rd, 2023

The builders, the implementation team of the ICWD of CTU, applied for a project with brick machines in the UNDP Challenge Fund international grant program. Their project was selected and they received almost 1,000,000 CZK for it!

Thanks to these funds, the start of the construction of the secondary school in Kashitu becomes a reality.

We thank the builders for the time they spent writing the project. For what they have dedicated to the project so far – and that it wasn’t enough! For giving up the right to a reward (and thereby increasing the number of points for the project with the UNDP evaluators) and going to build the first building of the secondary school for free in the summer.

We also thank you, dear donors, for building with us!


More, including a link to the submitted project, in their report:

Dear well-wishers of the Kashitu High School Project,

last year, 2022, we made a lot of progress with the project in preparations for the construction of the secondary school itself. Thank you for your support in two fundraising campaigns where we raised funds for two new brick machines and construction tools!

We have very good news for you. We applied our project with the brick machines to the international UNDP Challenge Fund grant program. This program supports innovations aimed at partner countries of the Czech Republic, which includes Zambia. As part of this program, it is possible to apply for up to 40,000 USD (up to approx. 1 million CZK, depending on the exchange rate).

We submitted an application for this grant with the intention of bringing brick maschines to Kashitu and building the first building of the entire high school campus – which will be a workshop and it will be builded together with the local people. Innovative is not only the involvement of the local people, but also the process of producing unburnt bricks stabilized with cement. The workshop building will thus also become the first center of this new unburnt brick technology in the targeted location of Kashitu. Thanks to it, not only other buildings of the campus will be built, but also the local villagers will have the opportunity to learn and use this technology to build their own homes.

The UNDP organization has chosen our project among the supported ones and funded us with the maximum amount of 40,000 USD. On December 15th, 2022, a contract was signed between UNDP and CTU on the implementation of this first building in the summer 2023. Therefore, our project of the secondary school in Kashitu is gradually taking on real dimensions, and we can tell you with great joy that thanks to this important grant, we will be able to build the first building in the summer!

UNDP has a sophisticated project evaluation system where points are added for meeting certain criteria. The necessary point gain was helped by your participation in collections for the bricklayers and the construction tools, and in general the finances donated so far to the account of the public collection of the strategic partner, the Friends of New Renato Czech Republic, which is the bearer of the Kashitu Secondary School project. Our team can therefore send 10 volunteers from our ranks who, together with the locals, will build the first building of the entire future campus of the secondary school. We will tell you more about the grant in one of the following posts.

We would like to thank the UNDP organization, which represents the development program under the UN organization, for the trust given, and the CTU Rectorate in the person of the Rector doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., who patronized this project with his signature.

From January 2023, we are moving from the planning phase to the period of concrete steps for implementation. Follow our website and social media where we will keep you updated on the progress of the project, from preparatory work to construction on site in Kashitu.

Thank you for your patronage and we invite you: be on the way to the realization of the project with us this year again! Your support is very important for our project.

Your ICWD CTU Realization (implementation) Team


Description of the submitted project on the UNDP website:

This everything thank to and Friends of New Renato Czech Republic, ICWD CTU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic a UNDP in Europe and Central Asia a CzechUNDP, CzechChallengeFund, Czech Republic



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