About Us The Association of New Renato Community Society Friends is a nonprofit organization that promotes the Zambian NGO New Renato Community Society (NRCS), which has existed since 1987 to address the most pressing needs in rural Zambia. The focus is to improve the quality of life for orphans and defenseless children, who make up the majority of rural Zambia and are also its future. The geographical center of the community activities is around the area of Kashitu and on the rural settlement along the road linking the cities of Ndola and Kapiri Mposhi (approximate population 34,000). The leader of the Association of New Renato Community Society Friends Monika Höferová has known and worked with Joseph Kafwembe, an organizer of NRCS, since 1998 to help Zambians. Before the Association, Monika had already organized activities and led many people from the St. Bartholomew parish in Prague Kyje in supporting Zambians; for example, cake sale, mosquito net purchase, and the nursery construction. The Association of New Renato Community Society Friends provides a greater opportunity for more effective assistance to NRCS, where Joseph Kafwembe is one of the organizers. NRCS has a plot of land for the construction of educational centers for the training of  future teachers and adults; however, NRCS does not have the resources to build on its own.  Monika and her friends decided to make a documentary movie that would not only educate the young Czechs about the reality of rural Zambia but also help find a sponsor for the construction of the educational centers in Zambia. The documentary would inspire more Czech and European youths to volunteer in helping Zambia.