Friends of New Renato

We support the education and self-sufficiency of active inhabitants in the Zambian countryside, currently through construction of a secondary school, which will be built by the locals themselves under the guidance of Czech experts.

The locals founded a non-profit organization New Renato Community Society in 1987 without help of Europeans or Americans. They built 2 kindergartens and 2 primary schools, they implement courses in beekeeping, agriculture, cattle breeding, carpentry with young people, how to save money, they care for the orphaned children, they drill wells with Fountain of Life from Germany, etc. With their projects tightened by supervision in practice, they raise the living standards of 18,000 inhabitants in the Kashitu area (Central Province). A functioning local community, whose leaders can initiate changes for the better, can write projects and implement them themselves, is a guarantee for us that our added help will have a long-term impact.