Meeting with representatives of Czech non-profit projects in Zambia

Following the meeting with representatives of Czech non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and before traveling to Kashitu, Marta and Anežka met with Aleš Vacek and Mr. Edward Chaitezwi (a Zambian), both of them working for Czech non-profit projects in Zambia.

They first met Aleš. Aleš has been living in Zambia since 2006 and methodically coordinates the projects of the Archdiocesan Caritas of Prague in three centers. He shared with us:

  • rich experience in implementing various projects in local conditions so they would become long-term sustainable,

  • microloan systems,

  • information about taxes in Zambia,

  • what are the local delicacies that we didn’t know before.

The meeting was so interesting that they didn’t notice it lasted 4 hours. Thank you!

Another meeting held was with Mr. Edward Chaitezwi, a Zambian working as the financial manager of Caritas CR in Zambia. He shared with us:

  • what is important in communication with local people,

  • what are the options for opening a bank account in Zambia,

  • how to motivate local people to participate in projects.

The meeting was held online on Friday evening due to the busy schedule of our female members. Many thanks to Mr. Edward for this opportunity, valuable information and for taking the time to see us!

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