Negotiations with NRCS – evaluation of the previous cooperation, of the construction progress and the future cooperation

During their stay in Kashitu, Marta and Anežka had a total of three meetings with representatives of the local non-profit organization New Renato Community Society (NRCS). Petr also joined the end of the last two when he returned from construction.

The cooperation so far has worked well. Due to the weak local wifi, we have agreed that the the updates and the annual reports will be sent by persons who are better at IT.

When evaluating the progress of the construction of the first secondary school building, both parties agreed that this stage ultimately took place at a very accelerated pace. We all understood that the cause of all this was the two months delayed bricklayers and at the same time the commitment to complete the workshop by the end of September, otherwise we would have to return the money to UNDP. For the next stage of construction, we therefore gave NRCS a choice of two smaller buildings: whether they want to build a part of the classroom block (baseboard, classroom and cabinet), or a multifunctional house (a prototype of a family house and at the same time a place to house the volunteers who will build the secondary school). NRCS chose the second option. This summer, local volunteers learned how to make quality bricks at our brick mashines, and with this construction we will improve their skills in building whole family houses. That way, they could have more orders and bring profit to the local community. NRCS would thus participate in the financing of the secondary school within its means.

It was also necessary to agree on the terms of use of the newly built workshop, tools, two brick-making mashines and a car. NRCS received everything except the car as a gift (a condition of the grant from UNDP), the car was lent to it. But everything on the condition that they have to use it (unused machines destroys themelves) and they have to cover the operating costs. It was lucky for us that the last volunteer, Šárka, came to Kashitu for the last week, and she discussed these operating costs with them to be sure, as well as where to pay for them from.

NRCS will also set up a bank account in Zambia specifically for Kashitu Secondary School so that donations can be made to the school there as well.

In recent days, NRCS also wrote a grant request to the Czech Embassy in Lusaka. 

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