We signed a contract with the ICWD of the Czech Technical University

Based on more than 5 years of cooperation with Ing. Petr Čanda from ICWD CTU, who in the meantime assembled a team of more than 10 builders around him, who (the team of the builders) have long-term volunteered work on the technical side of the Kashitu High School project and who also received a UNDP grant worth approximately CZK 950,000, we signed a cooperation agreement with ICWD CTU.

The subject of the contract is the definition of the cooperation of the contracting parties for the implementation of the development project “High School in Kashitu” in a rural area in Zambia, in which both parties participate.

The project will allow our special brick machines to be transported to Kashitu so that people from the local community can learn to make bricks more efficiently and cheaply. A team of builders from the Czech Republic and volunteers from the local non-profit organization New Renato will then build the first workshop building, which will serve as the background for the entire high school building and also as a training center for this innovative technology. People from the local community will not only participate in the construction of the secondary school, but will also learn construction procedures for the construction and modification of their own homes.

On behalf of the CTU Rectorate, the contract was signed by the rector, doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., for our association the chairwomen Mgr. Marta Höferová. In the photo, Mr. Rector is represented by the head of ICWD, Ing. Jan Tillinger, Ph.D.

We thanks to the ICWD team and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for their continued work! Currently, the realization team is finalizing the detailed work schedule in the summer, when the construction of the high school will begin. We will inform you.

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