Presentation of the project

Kashitu is a rural area in Zambia. It has seven elementary schools, currently attended by 2968 pupils, but the nearest high school is 40 km away.

Since 1987 the experienced not-for-profit organisation New Renato Community Society (NRCS), founded and led by local volunteers, has worked here. It various child and adult education projects for the residents of Kashitu (agriculture, beekeeping, cattle breeding, saving), provides health care and ensures child support conditional on attendance at school, and so on. NRCS has built one elementary and two nursery schools, which it also runs. The organisation’s work thus constitutes a significant element in the development of this rural part of Zambia. It seeks finance for its projects from local institutions, but also works with international partners – in addition to our association, it works on projects with organisations from Germany and Britain. Together with the New Renato Community Association we have successfully implemented several projects (the purchase of a centre for the NRCS, the construction of a new floor in a nursery school, the import and installation of a soar panel…) and the NRCS will thus also run the secondary school once it is built. First, however, they have to build it, together with local inhabitants under the guidance of Czech experts.

The plans for the secondary school project can be seen here. The school will consist of several buildings, including sleeping accommodation for students, volunteers and teachers’ families, laboratories, workshops… The plans are based on principles of sustainability, energy optimalisation, renewable materials, undemanding technologies and architecture that corresponds to the needs and experiences of people in Kashitu.

By summer 2021 we want to raise over 1 200 000 Kč, in order to build on a test basis the first three buildings, which will later serve as classrooms and a storage room. The most expensive part of this stage will be the purchase and import of an automatic press for clay bricks. And so we are holding another ball!

Build with us! Come and dance for a new secondary school in Kashitu! You will find music by the band Medium, a programme of entertainment, a midnight surprise and a spacious dance floor! For a taste of the atmosphere at our past balls, have a look at the photographs here.

We look forward to seeing you! 

Přátelé New Renato, z.s.