Program of the Ball

19.30 beginning

20.00 opening ceremony

20.30 Give Happiness to Kashitu!

21.00 Dancing Six

after Dancing Six: Collect your lucky prize

22.00 Lot of the Dancing Six winner + Magic Hat

23.30 Midnight Surprise

1.00 End of the ball

When entering the ball, you will be given a ticket with a number. A ticket stub with the same number will go to the lot for the main prize of a game „Magic Hat“. That ´s why KEEP the ticket with a number properly!

Give Happiness to Kashitu – by donating 20 CZK you can make children in Kashitu happy because it is a contribution to the collection for funding the building of high school that will offer vocational training in such professions as dressmaking, wheelwright´s work, carpentry, etc. This way you can give them a chance for a better future. However also you can „have“ happiness – according to the number at your ticket. You can collect it AFTER Dancing Six by a table under the stage. We kindly asky you not to také it by yourselves. One of the organizers will pass it to you. Thank you for understanding.

Magic Hat – a thrilling game which will give you a chance to win one of the main prizes, where you will need to have your ticket with a number which you would have been given by the entry of the premises. Duplicated ticket stubs will be drawn from the magic hat and if you can produce the matching ticket, you win a prize! Be concentrated! If you do not announce your win in time, we will lot another happy person.

Dancing Six – an activity that tries to make everyone dance. It is not imporrtant to be a great dancer – the important thing is to join in the dance.


  1. Collect a special ticket at your table and fill out your name.
  2. Settle different dancing partners for every dance. Fill out the name of your dancing partner to the chosen dance. We reccomend you to settle a meeting point for dance, too.
  3. The Dancing Six will start at 9 PM. Dance all the dances with the appropriate dancing partners.
  4. Immediatelly after all dancing, drop yóur ticket into a colored box at the stage.
  5. Lot of the winner takes place at 10 PM. The winner is that one who comes to the stage with all his/her dancing partners. (Winner are all those named at the ballot ticket.)
  6. The winner will be given a huge delicious cake!

Music : Medium band

SMOKING IS FORBIDDEN on all Masaryk College premises!