Offer education of high level quality to richer children form town and poor talented local children.

Concept of studium

  • 3 year study program – high school
  • 40 students per year, totaly 120 students; boys and girls
  • social dimension – one child pay studium for another one talented, which can’t affort it
  • students will live in the school during study in the dormitory
  • to raise quallity of education most teachers will be volunteers form Europe
  • good standart of living – hot water, flush toilets, electricity…

Concept of architecture

  • to prefer local materials
  • good quality of buildings
  • phasing of the building to several years
  • to be build by yourself
  • to prefer ecological and sustainable principles
  • originality

Division of functional units:

  • Education unit
    • 3 classes
    • study room (library, computers)
  • Acomodation unit
    • doromitories for students
    • houses for teachers
  • Operating unit
    • offices
    • kitchen and dining room
    • medical center
  • Chapel
  • Playgrounds