Project of High School


The NRC Society plans to expand its scope of educational activities.At present they run a nursery school and three elementary schools in Kashitu and its wider surroundings.After finishing elementary school,however, children don´t have an opportunity to continue their education and thus to achieve a better living standard for themselves and their families.They live in a rural area and it is inaccessible for them to study in a city – although some of them are really talented.That is why New Renato is making an effort to build a high school right in Kashitu. It should be a school offering a good level of education and it should be attended not only by local children but also by children from other towns.Social aspect plays an important part:the fees of a child from a wealthier family should subsidize a talented poor child. All chidren – rich and poor alike – should live in the high school dormitory. Kashitu has an ideal condition for such a school: it is situated right on the railway line which runs from the north to the south of the country and only about 2-3 kilometers from an important blacktop thoroughfare, one of just a few in the country. This will make it easier for children from other towns to travel to school.

First Steps

The first steps towards the realization of the project have already been made.The Zambian government is going to donate over 10 hectare plot of land for building the high school compound. Although New Renato will get the plot free of charge, there it a lot of red tape in Zambia and so a lot of fees have to be paid. At the moment we are at Step Two – a project of the school building has to be handed in. This is where we are trying to take part and bring European ideas and experience into the project. Step Three will mean staking out the plot in the bushland, recording the plot in maps and transfering the plot to NRC. One and a half year after that, authorities will come and check whether the construction has really started. At the moment, the biggest obstacle is paying administrative fees, which is by no means a cheap matter and for which New Renato has no funds. All in all, 90 – 100 thousand CZK will be needed. Of course, this is a vast and a long-range project, estimated at 10 – 20 years. Any help from you, however, might speed up the whole process. Many thanks!